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Hi, my name is Neithan Matthews, owner and author of Allheadgear.com. I am a certified welder with a passion for all types of welding processes, such as MIG TIG and plasma cutting. I gained my experience starting as a hobbyist welder, and I decided to make it my profession after several years of active occupation.

My purpose

My purpose isto help beginner and professional welders, as well as industrial and construction workers, do their job more efficiently, productively and above all, safely. I try to achieve this by recommending the safest headgear (such as welding helmets, respirators, gas masks, safety glasses, safety helmets and hard hats), in order to maximize the protection precautions required in every industry field mentioned.

I hope that you enjoy reading our guides, reviews and informational articles, while having a pleasant experience navigating in our website. I wish you all the best!